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Health and Safety Protocols for the 2022 Textile Exchange Conference.

We are thankful that the global health crisis appears to be improving in most regions. We know many are still impacted by it in various ways and it is Textile Exchange’s goal to ensure that all people participating in the 2022 conference in-person are comfortable and safe. There is not specific requirements by the State of Colorado or the conference venue, so Textile Exchange is implementing the following requirements to ensure the health and safety for all participants.


  • Self-test daily (BYOT = bring your own test). All participants are requested to self-test daily before joining any meetings, conference sessions, or entering the conference venue. There is no need to show your test or provide results; we trust that everyone in attendance has the best interest of others in mind and will follow the requested protocols for the good of everyone. In the event that an attendee tests positive, they are requested to remain in their hotel room and contact the conference team via the instructions on their name badge.
  • Mask wearing is optional. In keeping with the Code of Conduct that all attendees are required to accept during registration, all attendees are expected to respect the choices others make with regards to wear a mask or not, based on their individual comfort levels. Textile Exchange reserves the right to require all attendees to wear a mask should the need arise.
  • Duty to self-monitor. In registration, all attendees accept the responsibility to self-monitor and do their best to ensure the conference is a healthy space. Attendees are asked to participate virtually from their hotel room should they experience any signs of illness that could be contagious.
  • Vaccinations are encouraged. It is important to note, that at the present time, “full vaccination” is required by the federal government for travel into the U.S. from other countries.

HYDRATE! Colorado Springs is at a very high altitude, so hydration will be of extra importance! Please bring your own reusable water bottle to eliminate the need for waste. The conference space will have multiple refill stations. We have requested that the Broadmoor not include disposable water bottles in guest rooms. The tap water is safe to drink, but a disposable water bottle may be requested from the hotel if necessary. 

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